Reese's Observed Conditions

The Beginning | April 30, 2011

I’ve been meaning to start a Blog for some time now. There are lots of articles, videos and general information sources out there on the benefits of using social media to get your point across to…..whomever. My daughter, Samantha, who is an aspiring tween book author, has had her blog for a while now – Flipsidefinds. So….with her encouragement and a bit of help, here I go!

My blog speaks to my experiences as a commercial real estate appraiser and consultant. I have been in this business for about 30-years now, jeez, where did the time go!? For the last 11-years I have been an independent fee appraiser dba Venture Research.  Along with all these years of appraisal experience, I’ve developed some viewpoints and opinions.  I have also lived and worked through some tough recessionary times and survived!  Does this make me an authority, well no, but it has helped to make me insightful. In our changing world, which seems to change at lightning-fast speed these days, appraising is changing too.

If you have an interest in the world of commercial real estate appraisal either as a practitioner, user of appraisal services, or just a plain old curiosity about appraisers, I invite you to follow my blog and from time-to-time as the topic speaks to you, let me know your thoughts.

Welcome to my blog….Reese’s Observed Conditions.

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